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Ever Gold Gallery: Tyson Vogel - The Looming Symphonies: Your Streets Are My Song.
Comment by AB: Tyson Vogel transforms the gallery into a comfortable intimate living room installation, dense with art, where visitors are welcome to take a seat and have a listen. "To what?" you ask. Over the past month, Vogel has composed a "symphony" consisting entirely of sounds from The Tenderloin. Nicely done and certainly worth a visit.
Tyson Vogel artist art

Here we are. Installation by Tyson Vogel at Ever Gold Gallery. Shall we? OK.


Art, installation & music by Tyson Vogel.


Tyson Vogel out front at Ever Gold Gallery (image c/o Dennis Kernohan).

Tyson Vogel art

Art & installation by Tyson Vogel at Ever Gold Gallery.


Listening to Tenderloin symphony by Tyson Vogel.


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