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Managing Your Boss
– This article originally appeared in Contract Pharma. It describes how to negotiate those murky waters of working for a bad boss.

Building Momentum in Medicon Valley – This article describes the growth of the life sciences community in and around Copenhagen, Denmark, and Malmo, Sweden. Originally appeared in Genetic Engineering News.

Close those Floodgates! – Does your firm have an employee retention problem? Hard to keep the best employees interested in staying around? If so, take these clues on the hidden reasons that good people leave good companies. Originally appeared in Contract Pharma.

Leadership Styles – In this article originally from Contract Pharma, Dave Jensen describes a number of categories of leaders, from the "Parental Leader," to the "Autocratic Leader." Do you recognize yourself, or your boss?

Traits of the Key Players – This "Managing Your Career" column, originally appearing in Contract Pharma, describes several traits that are absolutely critical to those on the fast track of their companies, ranging from "A sense of urgency" to "Risk Tolerance."

It’s High Time for Time Management – Who’s making the most demands on your time? You may be surprised if you do a brief analysis of the way that your time disappears. This article, originally in Contract Pharma, discusses the four types of time, and an easy solution for a time journal.

Finding Your Diamond Mine – Is it best to leave your current organization in order to make your way towards happiness and riches? Or, like the African fable, are you potentially sitting on your own diamond mine – right now, in your current work? This article appeared first in Contract Pharma.

A Monster of a Slump
– Anyone can have a sudden downturn in productivity. The secret to success, as this Contract Pharma article points out, is to be able to recognize it and go through the pain of changing the habits that got you into difficulty in the first place.

Reference Checking – How to conduct the right kind of reference check; three different kinds of employment references and how to select the right one for your company. For the candidate, there is a section on how to optimize your references. This article originally appeared in Contract Pharma.

Mentoring Your Potential Successor – Originally appearing in BioPharm, this article is reprinted here by Search Masters International (with outdated contact information for the author). This piece covers the many team building issues that come up in the delicate relationship the manager must have with his or her "hand picked successor."

Keys to Job Satisfaction
– The right job for you is one that combines a fair amount of new challenges, along with plenty of time to enjoy your prime areas of expertise. This article, appearing in Contract Pharma, describes the key pieces of job satisfaction and why salary is likely not in that mix.

Improve Your Hiring Process
– Originally appearing in BioPharm, this is the Kelly Services version of a popular "Managing Your Career" column. (Please note that the contact information shown for the author is outdated, and that Dave can be reached via CTI). The article discusses a number of ways that a hiring manager can improve his or her success ratio in the recruitment process.

Fire that Boss! – From Contract Pharma, this article discusses the reasons why it may be a good time to seek another boss, whether inside or outside your organization. Includes a number of stories about how good employees faced bad bosses, and eventually won.

Meeting Mania – From Contract Pharma, this article asks the question "Are your meetings a drag on your effectiveness?" Includes a number of tips for running more productive meetings, something that any organization should strive for.

Mutant Worms and Other Genetic Oddities – How one life sciences collaboration between countries is producing remarkable results for both cultures. A story of international R&D by Sweden and Canada. Originally published by Life Sciences Scandinavia.

30 Ways to Get Lucky – This article from Contract Pharma discusses the strategies shared by those "lucky" people who always seem to be in the right place at the right time. Are there ways that you can purposefully attract luck to your side?

Communication with Conviction – Women are known for wonderful skills like listening, and articulating feelings. While these are top communication skills, there are a handful of others that many women could use help with. These tips come from The Girl’s Guide to Power and Success, and were first discussed in Science’s Next Wave.

Just Human Nature – Originally appearing in Nature Biotechnology, this article describes how the Human Resources function in a biotechnology company must develop job-satisfaction based rewards for their employees, in order to get off the constant focus on salary, salary and salary.

Negotiation in a Nutshell – Negotiation skills are lifelong skills, not something you read about a day before you start to discuss a job offer with a new employer. This article presents a number of tips and techniques that you can employ in order to come to a win-win resolution on your next negotiation. The article originally appeared in Contract Pharma.

A Spotlight on Sweden – A short article appearing in the news magazine of the Biotechnology Industry Organization, by David G. Jensen, written in collaboration with SwedenBio.

Large Men in Tights – Sometimes, doing an introspective analysis for your career to-date is a good thing, but only if it includes those problems that you’d really rather forget. There are lessons that you can dig out of your previous job history, and Dave Jensen describes two of his. Originally appeared in Contract Pharma.

Building Your Career Success Library – This article by David G. Jensen originally appeared in BioPharm, and it describes the importance of regularly reviewing the classic literature in management and personal development. Several of the author’s favorite books are highlighted.

You Will Never Feel Appreciated – Working for praise is a risky business, because so few managers actually fulfill that need. Instead, this article from David G. Jensen in his BioPharm column talks about inner ways of rewarding yourself.

The Times They are a’ Changing – Technology advances so quickly in the life sciences and in certain business sectors. This article from 2003, Science’s Next Wave, discusses the convergence of various science disciplines into new industries like Nanotechnology.

Six Career Hazards, Part One – This article describes the first three of six career hazards that author David G. Jensen has identified over many years of executive search experience. This piece originally appeared in BioPharm.

Six Career Hazards, Part Two – This article describes the second three of six career hazards that author David G. Jensen has identified over many years of executive search experience. This piece originally appeared in BioPharm.

Your Career: Pearls or Pinecones? Part 1 – This article, originally appearing in BioPharm in the late 1980’s, describes the difference between a job and a career. Like a beautiful necklace strung together with jemstones… in that analogy, the gems are the jobs and the necklace is the career.

Anatomy of a Search – Originally appearing in BioPharm, this article describes the four rules of a successful search project using an outside resource such as a headhunting firm. 

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